Chelsea Athletica - App guide

Welcome To the Chelsea Athletica Community!

Now that you are part of the Chelsea Athletica community it is important for us to make feel a part of our family. Because of our limited available spots in class it is important to reserve your spot ahead of time, if the class is full, you’ll be put on the waitlist in-case a spot free’s up. Because of new guidelines we must cap the classes. You can not show up to class without a reservation.

Please Reserve your spot in class through our Chelsea Athletica members app

Download Our Members App

How to Login

Once you have the App loaded you’ll need to enter in your same PushPress email and password you setup with your PushPress Profile. (Hint: If you have received any membership receipts.. it’s that email.) 

An easy way to get logged in is click on “Forgot Password” and use the email that you gave us to set up your account. If you are having trouble please send us an email at

After logging in you will then get to a home screen and from there you’ll have complete control of your membership.

Instructional Videos

Don't have a phone and still want to reserve?